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19th May 2020,

renewAfrica reconfirms its commitment to scaling up renewables in Africa releasing its video

The renewAfrica Initiative once again confirms its commitment to scaling up renewable energy investments in Africa by revealing its presentation video. renewAfrica is a European industry-backed initiative committed to supporting African countries in achieving sustainable access to renewable energy at a transformative scale by unlocking investments in utility-sized renewables projects. The aim of the initiative...
15th May 2020,

De-risking investments for a green Africa

The RES4Africa Foundation aims to support the private sector as it contributes to the delivery of Africa’s socio-economic development targets through the expansion of access to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity. However, Africa’s electricity markets are still perceived as risky environments for private sector investors. Renewable energy projects, in particular, are by nature exposed to a...
5th May 2020,

Europe’s climate commitment can support Africa’s Covid response

The Covid-19 crisis has brought the international community to face its limits. We, in Europe as well as in many countries of the world, now know what a crisis of this scale represents, as it is the first one that most of us has had to deal with. We live in lockdown, and fortunately our...

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The renewAfrica Initiative - Brochure
The renewAfrica Initiative presentation brochure
renewAfrica Initiative - Executive Summary
This is the renewAfrica Initiative executive summary. Africa’s population is rapidly expanding and over the next two decades the continent will undergo the largest process of urbanisation the world has ever seen.
renewAfrica Initiative White Paper
renewAfrica Initiative white paper. A New Instrument to Foster Large-Scale Renewable Energy Development and Private Investment in Africa.
renewAfrica Initiative Takeaways
renewAfrica Initiative Takeaways.Scaling up EU Commitment to Deliver REs Investments in Africa: The EU-Africa Partnership for a Common Green Deal
19th May 2020

renewAfrica reconfirms its commitment to scaling up renewables in Africa releasing its video

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